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RWBY: The Mysterious Caped Crusader
Rwby: The Mysterious Caped Crusader.
Batman is patrolling Gotham at night once again in his regular routine. He has been trying to find the Joker for the past week, but to no avail on finding him. Batman fought a few of Joker's thugs in an abandon warehouse. After defeating them all one of them are concious on the ground then Batman picks him up, "Where is the Joker?." As Batman has his hand on the Thug's throat gasping for air the thug says, " He's at the Stagg Enterprises, Talking about some sort of Mother Box!" "Thanks!" Batman punches his lights out.
Joker is sneaking through Stagg Enterprises, to find one of Darkseid's Mother Box to summon the demons on apokolips. Joker found it, before he could activate it. Batman threw a batarang and hit it out of his hands. "It's good to see you Bat's! the perfect person I want to witness the destruction of Gotham!" "I will never let you destroy Gotham. You will stay locked up in the asylum this time!" Batman interjected. Joker ran after the bo
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Batman/RWBY Chapter 5
Joker looked around at the group he had summoned, which included Scarecrow, Bane, Mister Freeze, Dollmaker and Ra's al Ghul. "Why did you summon us Joker?" Ra's al Ghul asked. "You see I broke into the Bat Cave and recovered something. It seems to be called the 'Time Bubble'. You see, Batman never died. That was just a clone! He's actually in a different world! Mister Freeze and I have done some surveillance on Batman. Why don't you take a look." Mister Freeze had put the module in his suit earlier and the Time Bubble has the ability to see a individual's past. Mister Freeze projected the surveillance footage on the wall while everyone looked. On the surveillance footage everybody saw Batman, confronted by 12 teenagers circling around him. Batman had managed to escape from them using the 'Sonic Sound Wave'. They continued watching, until the point where they saw Batman trying to capture couple thugs that are wearing black suits and red ties. Except one of them, who was instead wearing
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